INK Photostudio
Professional studio in Tallinn.
We are ready for the Christmas season. Check-out our new interior zones.
Exclusive design
Our studio is built using exclusive hand-made elements you can't find anywhere else. Come and see!
Profoto light
We are the only studio in Tallinn combining interior zones and professional lighting equipment from Profoto.
That's just simple
Check out our plans and prices, find a photographer in our list and book the studio for a photosession!
Professional studio in Tallinn
Book the studio for all day of just for some hours, book a photo session with our professionals or visit our photography courses.
Studio is located in Põhja-Tallinn district (Puuvilla 19c). Different backgrounds and texture walls (metal, baroque, concrete, retro wallpapers) are available. We have big windows and a vintage wooden floor in our studio.
Free parking.

Total area: 150 m²
Studio area: 100 m²
Cyclorama area: 25 m²

length: 12 m
width: 8,5 m
height: 3,5 m
See rent prices
Book a photo session with photography professionals approved by INK Photostudio.
Jana Sorokina
+372 56 263 014
Galina Deinega

Aljona Korzunova
+372 55 33 423
Jevgeni Bloomberg
+372 569 90 655
Yuri Hahhalev
+372 55 65 45 46
Maksim Shmeljov
+372 555 90 469
We provide high-quality makeup and hairstyle service available in our studio.
+372 58 08 4344
Aljona Shmeljova
+372 58 08 4344
Makeup and hair


Oksana Linde

Makeup and hair


We use Profoto D1 500 monolight heads with planty of light shaping tools and photography accessories.
Equipment list
See our full equipment kit. You can use anything from the list for your photosession.
4 x Profoto D1500 Air
2 x Elinchrom BRX500
2 x Beauty dish 70 cm (silver) + grid
1 x Beauty dish 70 cm (white) + grid
1 x Beauty dish 40 cm (white) + grid
4 x Standard reflector 21 cm (grid + barndoors + filters)
1 x Surgery reflector 44 cm (custom)
1 x Snoot reflector

1 x Giant umbrella (silver) 185 cm
1 x Giant umbrella (white) 200 cm

1 x Profoto softbox 120x180 cm
2 x Softbox 90x120 cm
2 x Rotalux stripbox 50x130 cm
1 x Stripbox 40x200 cm
2 x Portalite softbox 66 cm
2 x Portalite softbox 40 cm
Tripods and booms
1 x Manfrotto 085BS Light Boom
3 x Bowens tripod
2 x Elinchrom tripod
1 x Falcon Eyes PT-50 (pulley tripod)
Other equipment
1 x Equation fan 60 cm
1 x Smoke machine
1 x Benq laser projector (workshops only)
Our rules
Please read our rules before booking the studio.
Behaviour rules
We reserve the right not to let into the studio and to get out from the studio intoxicated persons. Alcohol and smoking is not allowed.
We allow small or middle sized animals: cats, rabbits, puppies, etc. The owner is responsible for any damage. Extra cleaning fee can be added if necessary (up to 20 EUR).
Declared time
The beginning of the rent is considered to be the declared time, but not an actual time of shootings' start. Please keep time to arrange things in the end.
Do not forget things that you used for shootings, in order not to create nuisances to colleagues. Please, begin to collect your belongings well in advance!
Rent payment term
If you book the Studio in 7 days or more, the advance payment (50%) required.
Booking cancelling
If you cancel the booking, defer booking, cut the lease time in less than 48 hours. Other way we reserve the right to retain 100% of payment.
Indoor shoes
Please bring replacement shoes or use our slippers. Staying in the studio in outdoor shoes is not allowed.
Make-up room
Make-up room is not included in the rental price. If the make-up room is necessary, check its availability and rental terms by e-mail.
Furniture moving
Furniture moving is allowed only under supervision of studio workers. Treat furniture and floor with care.
Rent prices
Choose your plan and make a reservation here:
1 hour
Till 18.00
25 EUR
8 hours
15 EUR for every next hour
140 EUR
160 EUR
10 hours / month
Plan for 30 days
175 EUR
Assistant: 25 eur/h
Light assistant: 50 eur/h
Wasted background: 10 eur/m

After 18.00: 2h minimum rent time


Phone: +372 555 90 469

Puuvilla 19c, Tallinn, Estonia.
INK Photostudio OÜ / Media One Liit MTÜ

All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.
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